A simple approach of renewing, refreshing or redesigning your home can achieve amazing results without taxing your dollars while improving the value of your home for your future.

We provide full services such as:

  • Access to trades, discounts, shopping connections
  • Colour consultations
  • Efficient 1 day Makeovers
  • De cluttering and organizing
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Staging services

Transforming Your Living Space


Your Home is tired and needs a facelift?
Do you love what you have but cannot seem to achieve a designer look?
Do you want to see your possessions in a whole new way?


Don’t want to make costly mistakes?
Don’t know where to start?
By carefully evaluating your lifestyle, Renewed Design can re-arrange your
Furnishings, change your paint colours, add new accessories and artwork
where needed, so that you can truly express who you are.


Want to stay where you are, but need updating?
Do you want to save money with reliable and qualified tradespeople?
Are you looking for budget friendly options?