Sandra, Got us!:

Sandra, I thought I would forward our clients comments in her email, because it is always nice when people appreciate how amazing you are…
” Sandra came, she packed, she used my colour coding system (and didn’t even laugh at me) she left, we’re done!
Worth every penny.

Married for 36 Years” and this is the first time we decided to use a designer!:

It was a pleasure meeting with you, we are so happy that we consulted with you. Sure… frustration is half the battle when it comes to decorating but having your expertise has made us confident to move forward. Your friendly, approachable, and creative style made it very comfortable working with you.We will definitely refer you to our friends, and pick up on our porch when the better weather comes.

Best Flip Ever! 52,100 over:

Sandra, your lucky charm worked, 40 showings in 7 days, I cannot be more happier. On to the next one,will call you next year.

20 Years of Collecting Beautiful keepsakes from all over the world:

As we begin to unpack all the very organized and well-labelled boxes in our new place, I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful we are for all your help. A lifetime of stuff, everything from art glass and antique textiles to books(and a shocking number of shoes) without your experience, hard work and packing skills I don’t know how we would have done it. Moving is stressful, but it was a real pleasure to work with you.

One Stop Service:

I had purchased this home 18 years ago with Millar & Breen. It was now time for me to move on to smaller premises. Robin arranged for Sandra’s services, she helped me remove and find homes for a considerable amount of stuff! I was very happy that very little of it went to landfill. Selling is a stressful process, yet I felt calm through this entire process knowing I was in competent hands.

We were so buried in all our stuff!:

Sandra your”Renewed Design” definately made the difference. We SOLD our townhouse in 2 days for 80K over asking, well beyond our expectations. You came in with eyes that had no attachment to our stuff, kept us focused on the goal of moving from a 3 bedroom townhome to a 1 bedroom, advised on what to keep and what to let go of. We feel so much lighter now, and are ready for our new life!

Condo owner in Toronto, and homeowner in Hamilton:

I decided to put my condo on market because at the time there was a glut of condos on the market. We SOLD in 3 days, friends wanted to know who the designer was? I was very happy and kept staging rentals so we could enjoy until we closed. I also asked Sandra if she could travel out of her area and do my home in Hamilton!

Client of 2 years prior:

2 years ago Sandra did a consultation to sell our home – it sold very quickly and we moved on to our new home. The home we purchased was very large, and we found ourselves overwhelmed with picking the colours for the various rooms. We really wanted them to flow but also wanted our son and daughter’s rooms to reflect their style. Sandra came in and spent 2 hours with us picking colours and giving suggestions to furniture placement. We are happy to say we have completed all the painting, and are very happy with the results.

Busy professionals with 2 small children:

We were transferring to a large city out of Canada and needed to de clutter in order to stage our home and prepare to move into smaller accommodation. We SOLD in 1 week for 125K over asking. Sandra was an amazing organizer and packer, we could never have done it without her!

Going back home:

After a lengthy stay in Toronto, we decided to move back to our hometown. After 14 years of accumulation, ADD 3 kids to the mix, we had a lot of de-cluttering to do so that we could show more space. Sandra worked with me for 3 days, home went on the market, SOLD for an incredible 100K over asking. We were beside the moon.

Decorated 2 units for models in apartment complex:

Construction company needed 1 and 2 bedroom unit staged to show potential for renters. This was quite a challenge as it was raw cement. I measured areas, I worked with the architect on what the wall colours would be, purchased all furnishings, carpets, lighting and accessories all within budget. On staging day, we had to put all the items on an exterior lift as there were no interior elevators yet. It was a great experience for me. The construction crew and my team worked as one to get it all done in the time allotted.

Sold in 2 weeks:

Our house was on the market for 3 months, but after consulting with Sandra we were able to sell two weeks later. Her professional advice made all the difference!

Timing is everything:

Thank you for your consultation, your objective view really helped us get serious about de cluttering and re-organizing. We moved a lot of furniture to create the spaces that you put forward in your recommendations. Our home did not even hit the market before we SOLD it!

Turnkey agent:

Sandra came recommended to me from another agent in my office. I had been doing my own staging, consulting etc. for my clients, it became very evident I needed to get my life back with my family. Sandra will tackle anything from de cluttering, packing, gardening, setting up the trades for flooring and repairs. It feels wonderful to have my life back so I can spend it with my family and just be a Real Estate Agent, which is what I do best!

Blended family – empty nesters:

With the children moving on the family home was just too large to consider keeping. Sandra came in with her experienced eye reported some repairs we had to do, a whole lot of de cluttering and a little updating, who knew people did not like wallpaper from the 80’s! House listed and SOLD within the week!

Too much house, condo here I come:

I am a single career woman, and not enough time to look after all the maintenance of a home. The market was also shifting, so I wanted to sell and rent for a while. Sandra came in and provided me with her recommendations, and got right to work. Wow, what a difference! It didn’t even look like my house anymore. She used some of my existing furniture, and I rented the rest, even the furniture I owned looked so much better. I can’t believe that putting that little money in can make such a huge difference!

House on market for 6 months:

We finally decided to turn to a professional stager for advice. After 48 hours of Sandra’s assessment and making the changes she recommended, the next people who saw our house bought it! Sandra was a key player in the sale, our only regret is that we waited so long to hire her.

40 Years in Scarborough, ready for their dream home in the country:

During our busy careers and raising our children, we had little time to de clutter, kids kept moving back, you know the deal…Sandra is the best kept secret to sell your home fast. She made our home take on an entirely new look, which helped buyers to appreciate the potential in our home. Sold firm in 1 week!

It’s never too late:

With 1 hour before a showing Sandra came in for a consultation, we had been on the market for a month and did not know why it was not selling. We were firmly committed to another property up north, and ours was not selling, yikes! After one hour of fluffing, moving furniture around, putting things away, Sandra had to leave because we had a showing! It SOLD due to that showing, truly amazing.

High end Markham home:

Agent called to come and assess a client’s home. She would be paying for the staging so budget was tight. I was a little shocked to not see 1 piece of artwork, 3 chairs to a dining room suite, master bed on floor no bedside tables and dressers, it had to be an easy 300 sq feet! One sofa and TV in family room. It was definitely a challenge to use only what was needed. Home would be 1 of 3 on same street for sale. I brought in all the artwork, accessories, rented a full bedroom suite, dining suite and sofa for family room. House SOLD in 5 days, the other 2 on street still for sale!